Strategic Management Plans

The Local Government Act 1999 requires Council to develop ‘Strategic Management Plans’ for our City. 

The following plans and strategies have been endorsed by Council as 'Strategic Management Plans'.

Asset Management Plans

The plans listed below detail how the City’s assets will be maintained and managed over a time period of 10 years.  These Infrastructure and Asset Management Plans form part of Council’s suite of Strategic Management Plans.


Building Asset Management Plan Building%20Asset%20Management%20Plan (438 kb)

CWMS Asset Management Plan CWMS%20Asset%20Management%20Plan (331 kb)

Footpaths Infrastructure Asset Management Plan Paths%20Infrastructure%20Asset%20Management%20Plan (1389 kb)

Roads Asset Management Plan Roads%20Asset%20Management%20Plan (523 kb)

Stormwater Asset Management Plan Stormwater%20Asset%20Management%20Plan (420 kb)

Waterworld Asset Management Plan(545 kb)


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