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Tea Tree Gully Township postcard

Overview of community engagement conducted January/February 2012

What’s your vision for the Tea Tree Gully Township?

In 2010 our create20forty project created a vision for our City for the next 30 years, and informed the development of a new Strategic Plan and City Master Plan to guide us into the future.

Now we are focusing on specific areas around our City – the first of which is the Tea Tree Gully Township: a popular cultural and economic hub and a gateway to the Adelaide hills.

This project aims to create a shared vision and to develop a plan that will help prioritise investment in the township over the next 15 years. We want to work in partnership with the local community, businesses and government to make sure that together we explore all opportunities to maximise the township’s character and potential.

In 2012 we would like the community’s help in creating this shared vision for the future of the township.

Initial questions we explored included:

  • Should we encourage more tourism and entertainment activities within the township?
  • If so, what would those opportunities look like and where ideally in the township would they take place?
  • How can we preserve and enhance the unique heritage and natural environment of the township?

Tea Tree Gully Township location map(45 kb)

Staged approach

Following this visioning stage of the project, we collated all the feedback received and are currently using this to inform draft design concepts for how the township might look in the future. We will take these back to the community for feedback, with this second stage due to occur mid 2012.

Summary of community engagement activities

Level of engagement: Consult

From 16 January to 15 February 2012 the community was invited to let us know what their vision for the Tea Tree Gully Township was and what they'd like to see in the township.

We wrote to approximately 1080 residents, property owners, community, sporting and faith groups, schools, businesses, MPs, government agencies and peak bodies situated within and around the TeaTree Gully Township area. These stakeholders were provided with information about the project and invited to attend a community workshop on 9 February 2012, held at the Tea Tree Gully Memorial Hall from 6.30-8.30pm.

Postcards were produced which provided the opportunity to give feedback on future wishes for the township. Over 2100 residential properties were given a postcard in a letter box drop. Postcards and posters were also left with a number of businesses in the township area. Additional postcards were also sent to community groups and were available in the Tea Tree Gully Library, Civic Centre reception and Scribes Café.

Council’s website also provided information about the project and an online form for feedback.

Gully Views
Notices about the community engagement featured in Council’s news column in the Leader Messenger “Gully Views” on 18 & 25 January and 1 & 8 February.

Face to face interviews
A number of stakeholders, including government agencies and key landowners, were written to requesting their participation in face to face interviews with project team staff. The focus of the discussion was issue based, depending on the area they worked in and/or represented.

Community engagement outcomes

All feedback received was collated and analysed and a community engagement outcomes report prepared.

The table below outlines the responses received, attendance at the community workshop and interviews conducted. It should be noted that it is likely that a number of people who attended the workshop also submitted a postcard.  

Method of response/participationNumber
Postcard and online form128
Community workshop60
Written submissions2
Face to face interviews5





Of highest value for those who provided feedback was ensuring that the environment of the Tea Tree Gully Township, that is its trees, parks and open spaces, were retained and enhanced and that the heritage of the area also be preserved and enhanced. These areas were consistently in the top 2 or 3 comments provided for people’s vision for the township and what they liked and valued about the area.

Other key issues mentioned in relation to people’s vision for the area were infrastructure related, including better footpaths (maintenance and development) and provision of public toilets and playgrounds. Improving footpaths was an issue of particular note raised at the workshop.

Further details can be found in the report below:

Tea Tree Gully Township - Stage 1 community engagement report(9242 kb)

Next steps

We collated all the feedback received and used it to inform the preparation of options detailing how we could invest in the township in the future. Stage 2 community engagement was undertaken from July to August 2012 where we sought feedback from the community and other stakeholders to confirm direction and priorities before preparing the final plan for the township.

Further information

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