Portion of O-Bahn Linear Park North Reserve, Modbury

Proposal to change community land classification

Overview of community engagement conducted May/June 2012

The City of Tea Tree Gully has 600 parks and reserves spread across the City. They include small and large reserves, sporting grounds, neighbourhood playgrounds, BMX and skate parks, linear parks and civic and community spaces.

A number of our reserves, such as a portion of O-Bahn Linear Park North Reserve, are in a natural, unimproved condition and offer limited recreational opportunities for their local neighbourhood. These reserves are often under-used, especially if they’re located close to other larger, popular reserves or playgrounds.

When you consider that it costs our City around $8.7 million every year to maintain our reserves and parks, it makes sense to regularly review these assets. It’s important to make sure they’re giving recreational and financial value to our community. This review is one of Council’s responsibilities. We are also mindful however that open space is an important part of living in our community and that the value of our neighbourhoods are often characterised by the quality and nature of the public open spaces that exist within them.

Before we took any further steps with regard to a portion of O-Bahn Linear Park North Reserve, Council was keen to hear from our community to see whether there is a greater community benefit in potentially selling this land and considering options for its use, particularly in an area such as this where there is a demand for more housing. To do this we need to undertake a process to change the ‘community land’ classification of the reserve (please see fact sheet below for more information on this process).

Changing Community Land Classification - fact sheet(203 kb)

Proposed Revocation of Community Land Classification for Five Reserve Parcels for Potential Sale - Council report 3-4-12(12820 kb)

Note that on 8 May, Council decided to remove Veronica Reserve, Modbury North from the list of reserves for potential sale.

Location map - portion O-Bahn Linear Park North Reserve, Modbury(1222 kb)

Summary of community engagement activities

Level of engagement: Consult

From 16 May to 13 June 2012, the community was invited to provide their feedback on this proposal. A public notice was published in the Leader and News Review Messengers advising of the proposal and ways to for the community to have their say. Signage was also installed onsite advising of community engagement occurring in relation to the reserve.

Letters were sent to owners and occupiers of approximately 180 properties (occupiers and landlords) in the vicinity of the reserve with a feedback form and reply paid envelope. Information was accessible from Council’s website and included online option for providing feedback. A total of 48 responses were received.

An onsite event at O-Bahn Linear Park North Reserve was also held on Saturday 26 May from 11am to 12.30pm. Interested residents were invited to come and talk to Council staff and Elected Members about their views on the proposal. A free sausage sizzle was provided and approximately 30 people attended, most of which completed a feedback form onsite.

Community engagement outcomes

All of the responses were collated and provided to Council for their consideration at a meeting on Tuesday 28 August.

Click on the link below to view the community engagement outcomes report which includes a table of all (de-identified) feedback received.

O'Bahn Reserve - community engagement outcomes report(1332 kb)

Of the 49 responses received, the majority (67%) were supportive of the proposal to change the community land classification for the purpose of potentially selling at least a part of the reserve portion identified. The greater proportion was supportive of the whole portion of reserve.

After considering all of the comments received, Council decided at its meeting on September 11 to continue with the process to change the community land classification with the intention to sell the land for residential use.

Part of Council’s resolution included that we seek a draft development concept for the site. We conducted further community engagement with local residents in June/July 2013 to obtain their views on the proposed design. The final development concept was presented to Council prior to seeking approval from the Minister for State/Local Government Relations to change the community land classification.

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