Cr Bernie Keane

Pedare Ward

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Pedare Ward suburbs: Greenwith, Golden Grove (part). 

Council committees

Cr Bernie Keane forms part of the:
CEO Performance Review Committee

Councillor profile 

Former mayor and first elected to Council in 1994, persistent and energetic with a focus on fairness and equity, delivering quickly on issues. Achieved a name change from Salisbury Heights to Greenwith and development of Golden Fields. Focused on long- term development and maintenance of services and facilities. Presently our local Justice of the Peace.

Pedare Ward update 

It has been a bustling couple of months in Pedare Ward! We attended the Tea Tree Gully Lions handover dinner – thanks to the outgoing president, Les, for his dedicated service and welcome incoming president, Bill. The club welcomes women members, promoting inclusivity and diversity.

The recent Tea Tree Gully Community Services and Volunteer Expo provided an excellent platform to interact with local service providers and community groups, fostering a sense of collaboration and shared purpose.

Tree pruning has begun, with verges being well maintained, courtesy of additional cuts, enhancing the overall aesthetics and ecological balance.

The first Disabili-TTG expo was held in September where Tammie has been actively involved in the organising group, alongside staff and community members. We would like to see ongoing considerations for autism inclusion accommodations, with the aim of providing an inclusive environment at community locations and events.

Many residents have ordered additional free green and yellow bins, contributing to environmental sustainability and waste management efforts.