Cr Marina Champion

Water Gully Ward


Water Gully Ward suburbs

Hope Valley (part), Dernancourt, Highbury and Paracombe (part).

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Councillor profile

As an elected councillor for the Water Gully Ward in the City of Tea Tree Gully, I will be a strong voice for the community, listen to the residents and put forward solutions that benefit the people of this great area. 

Water Gully Ward update 

It’s been exciting to see the beautification works on Grand Junction Road taking shape, bringing wider footpaths and an improved streetscape to one of our Ward’s key community centres. 

Continuing this work to other areas of our main roads in Water Gully Ward will go a long way to helping showcase our Ward’s natural beauty.

After an extended closure due to an infestation of a destructive pest, Council has restored and reopened the much-loved BMX jumps at Elliston Reserve. While the Reserve lost almost all its tree canopy due to Government pest removal, Council is actively working with the

Government to create plans to revegetate the Reserve and we look forward to engaging with the community to make Elliston Reserve better than ever.

As always, we are always available to assist with any concerns or queries and encourage residents to speak to us over the coming months as Council produces next year’s Annual Business Plan.