Cr Marina Champion

Water Gully Ward


Water Gully Ward suburbs

Hope Valley (part), Dernancourt, Highbury and Paracombe (part).

Council committees

Cr Marina Champion forms part of the:

Councillor profile

As an elected councillor for the Water Gully Ward in the City of Tea Tree Gully, I will be a strong voice for the community, listen to the residents and put forward solutions that benefit the people of this great area. 

Water Gully Ward update 

It’s great to see the beautification works on Grand Junction Road underway outside the Hope Valley Shopping Centre.

With street trees and widened footpaths, this will go a long way to improving the street appeal of one of our main local centres.

As a result of an infestation of giant pine scale, many residents will no doubt have noticed the removal of all pine trees at Elliston Reserve. This work has been ordered and conducted by the State Government to prevent further spread of the destructive pest. Conversations with the State Government on revegetation of Elliston Reserve are underway.

Council is also investigating improvements to the Hope Valley Bowling Club to bring it into line with modern standards for disability and mobility access, especially noting the club’s community focus.

We’re always available to hear your suggestions and concerns about the ward, so feel free to reach out to us any time.