Cr Marina Champion

Water Gully Ward


Water Gully Ward suburbs:

Hope Valley (part), Dernancourt, Highbury and Paracombe (part).

Council committees

Cr Marina Champion forms part of the:

Councillor profile 

As your elected member, I will be your voice to council about the issues that concern you. I want to see our area thriving by attracting new businesses to the area, ensuring we have all the services we need for our residents.

Water Gully Ward update 

Thank you to the residents of Water Gully Ward for supporting the election of two new councillors for our ward and putting your trust in us to represent you for the next four years.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, with plenty of opportunities to spend time with friends and family.

The holiday period has provided us with a brilliant opportunity to meet some of you and start to build relationships with our community groups.

Our ward is fortunate to have had community-minded councillors over the last few years and we hope to keep building on that legacy to deliver the best results for our residents and community groups that make our area unique.

We’re excited to see more improvements and investment into our ward, especially with coming plans to revitalise Grand Junction Road’s streetscape and upgrades to our local sporting clubs.