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‘Fund My Neighbourhood’ program


During consultation 65 people provided feedback regarding the proposal to install a carpark on Wynn Vale Drive and access road through Wynn Vale Oval (off Endeavour Drive, Wynn Vale).

The feedback indicated that half of the respondents (42%) were in support of the proposal and the other half were opposed (45%) opposed. Many of the people who opposed said the reason was due to the access road and reported that there is already too much traffic and congestion on Endeavour Drive and they are concerned that this proposal will cause more issues.

At its meeting on Tuesday 10 April 2018 Council considered the feedback received from the community and made the decision to construct the new carpark on Wynn Vale Drive and not proceed with the access road.

Community Engagement Outcomes Report(PDF,6MB) – including all the feedback received 

Past consultation information:

The State Government ‘Fund My Neighbourhood’ Program is a $40 million participatory budgeting program that gives South Australians the power to nominate and vote for projects to improve their local neighbourhoods. Several projects within the City of Tea Tree Gully were successful in receiving funding.

One of these projects was awarded $150,000 for the construction of a sealed carpark on Wynn Vale Drive, between the Salvation Army carpark and the King’s Baptist Church carpark.

In conjunction with the Fund My Neighbourhood program and King’s Baptist Grammar School, a proposed concept plan has been developed to construct a new car park on Wynn Vale Drive with a one-way access road through the northeast corner of Wynn Vale Oval from Endeavour Drive, Wynn Vale.  

More details are available in the Information Sheet and Concept Plan below.

Information sheet and Concept Plan – Wynn Vale Drive car park(PDF,3MB)

Have your say!

To have your say on this proposal, please complete the online feedback form (online feedback now closed)

We value your comments and would appreciate your feedback by 5pm, Wednesday 14 March 2018.

All feedback received on this proposal will be presented to Council for consideration before a decision is made. Those who provide feedback will be notified of Council’s decision in writing.

If you have any questions regarding this proposal please call Frank Trimboli, Team Leader Civil Assets on 8397 7444.


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