Lot 50 transformation nears completion

  • Project typecapital works
  • Project value$500,000
  • Project schedule2023
Lot 50

The transformation of undeveloped land at Lot 50 into an open-space reserve is nearing completion. 

Previously known as Willison’s Farm, Lot 50 is a one-hectare property bordering Golden Grove Road and is part of Kingfisher Reserve at Modbury Heights.

With the weather becoming cooler and wetter, native grasses seeded in late 2022 are beginning to germinate. Access to this part of the reserve is off limits until the grassland becomes fully established.

Landscape works, including pathways, stone sculpture, park furniture, park shelter, trees, plantings and turf seeding are now complete. Turf areas will establish over winter and summer.

The sculpture utilised stone, bricks and rubble from the remnants of an 1840s farmhouse recovered from the site. This will sit alongside a silky oak tree from the former garden within the new grassland area.

New plantings around the site also include grenache vines grown from cuttings of original vines formerly grown on the site.

The project is funded through a Local Road and Community Infrastructure Program grant.

Tea Tree Gully Council purchased the property in 2006. The farmhouse was dismantled in 2012 due to restoration costs and the remnant grapevines were re-located to Baymor Reserve, Modbury and Balmoral Reserve, Dernancourt. 

The scheduled works are part of the Modbury Heights Precinct Plan endorsed by Council in 2016.

The community had its say in late 2021 on the development of the property during community engagement on the Dry Creek Corridor Upgrade stage 2 community engagement.

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