Elected Member Workshops

Workshops may be held where members of Council have been invited to discuss matters that are, or may intend to be, at some stage a part of an agenda for a formal meeting of the Council or Committee. These workshops are classed as Designated Informal Gatherings or Discussions and are generally open to the public.

These workshops are usually held on a Tuesday evening at the Civic Centre starting at 6.30pm on an ad hoc basis. When one is scheduled it will be advertised on this web page and the Agenda made available to the public prior to the meeting.

Other workshops/sessions held by Council that do not meet the above criteria are not available for attendance by the public.

Upcoming agenda:

Register - Elected Member Information or Briefing Sessions

Past agendas:

Agenda - Elected Member Workshop - City Tour - Capital Works Underway 2021-22 - 19 October 2021(PDF, 436KB)

Agenda - Elected Member Workshop - Fair Treatment Awareness - Local Government Reform - 5 October 2021(PDF, 251KB)

Agenda - Elected Member Workshop - Community Grants - Tree Management - Strategic Land Opportunities - 21 September 2021(PDF, 332KB)

Agenda - Elected Member Workshop - 31 August 2021(PDF, 23KB)

Agenda - Elected Member Workshop Playground Guide Report on 2020-21 CEO KPIs - 20 July 2021(PDF, 21KB)

Elected Member Workshop - Golden Grove rezoning - 6 July 2021(PDF, 65KB)

Agenda - Elected Member Workshop - SA Water Transition - Electric Vehicle Charging Stations - 15 June 2021(PDF, 64KB)

Agenda - Elected Member Workshop - Media Training - Dry Creek Biodiversity Plan - SA Water Transition Plan - 1 June 2021(PDF, 268KB)

Agenda - Elected Member Workshop - Greenwith Campus Out of School Hours care - By-law review - 4 May 2021(PDF, 265KB)