Disasters and emergencies


Emergency events can happen suddenly and affect communities in different ways. 

It is important for us all to be ready for emergencies. Knowing what to do before, during and after an emergency is essential.

For help and support in an emergency visit the State Government and Red Cross websites.

Types of emergencies

Our city could face emergencies like bushfires, storms and floods. It is important to know what might happen in your area so that you can plan.

Before an emergency

Preparing for emergencies, having a plan, and being ready to leave early can save time and lives. Learn how to get ready for emergencies on the State Government website.

Don't forget about your pets. Include them in your emergency plan and think about their needs during emergencies. Visit the Department of Primary Industries website for pet safety information.

During an emergency

You can take steps to care for yourself and others around you during emergencies, while emergency services respond. 

Stay informed during emergencies and before hazards like heatwaves. Emergency services and government agencies give advice and warnings during emergencies.

Find out more about emergency warnings on the Australian Government website.

After an emergency

Recovery after an emergency can take time. It is important to know that it might take days, months or even years to recover.

For help and support with recovery, check the South Australian Government Disaster Recovery website.

Want to support those affected by disasters? Consider donating or volunteering.

Flooding - sandbag collection points

'Self-serve' sandbag pods are available in several locations for flood emergencies.

Sandbags can reduce floodwater coming into your property. Check the SES website for help on sandbagging your home.

Sandbag pods are large yellow steel boxes. They are located outside:

  • Waterworld Aquatic Centre, Jack High Lane, Ridgehaven - next to the skate park
  • City of Tea Tree Gully Service Centre, Einstein Drive, Golden Grove
  • Turramurra Recreation Centre, 1000 Lower North East Road, Highbury
  • Tea Tree Gully SES, 118 Tolley Road, St Agnes.

Each pod holds up to 80 sandbag packs.

  • Packs contain 10 empty sandbags, plastic sheeting and an instruction card.
  • Packs are free and available 24 hours a day.
  • Please only take what you need.

If sandbags are unavailable at these sites, call the State Emergency Service on 132 500 to request more sandbags.