A simple overview of major decisions by Tea Tree Gully Council

Published on 16 November 2021

To keep everyone better informed, we publish a simple overview of key decisions from meetings of Tea Tree Gully Council.  

Updates are limited to decisions that we consider impact the wider community. 

For those who'd like more details, we invite you to take a deep dive into our Council meeting agendas and minutes. 

23 November 2021 meeting

  • Council revoked part of a previous Council resolution regarding land purchased at 1335A North East Road, Tea Tree Gully and voted that the land now be retained as new community land and included in the Tea Tree Gully Township Plan.
  • Council will lodge an appeal in the Environment Resources and Development Court against the planning decision for a change in the land use at 1272 North East Road Tea Tree Gully from an existing retail fuel outlet to mixed-use development comprising retail fuel outlet and a recycling centre, and authorised obtaining an independent review of the applicant’s Noise attenuation report.
  • Based on the preliminary costs, Council endorsed the proposed upgrade for the Modbury Jets Amateur Football Club at Ladywood Reserve (new building at an estimated cost of $2.05m). Council will consider providing a financial contribution in future budget discussions, subject to a minimum 50% of the estimated cost being received through external grant funding.
  • Council supported a permanent storage, canteen/bar facility being located at Tilley Recreation Park, Surrey Downs for use by the Tea Tree Gully City Soccer Club and associated Community Land Management Plan update, following consideration of the community engagement outcomes.
  • Council supported a submission to Department of Environment and Water on the Adelaide Plains Draft Water Allocation Plan.
  • Council granted a 5 year lease at Whinnen Reserve, St Agnes to Garrison Wargaming Club of South Australia Incorporated 

See decisions made at previous meetings held in 2021

9 November 2021 meeting

  • Township plan – Council endorsed an update to the Tea Tree Gully Township Precinct Plan.
  • Dry Creek – Council endorsed a community engagement strategy for stage 2 of the Dry Creek Corridor Concept Plan. The scope of the plan was expanded to include Gilles Reserve (Gilles Plains)
  • Playground – Council endorsed community engagement for the installation of a new playground at Tarni Reserve (Fairview Park).
  • Fees and charges – Council amended the fees charged for the removal and replacement of Council trees.

26 October 2021 meeting

  • Road closures - Council approved temporary road closures for the Adelaide Rally event for a three-year period.
  • Easement - Council granted SA Power Networks an easement over a portion of land it will compulsorily acquire from Council in a few months for an underground electricity cable for the Golden Grove Park ‘n’ Ride.
  • Sandbags - Council gave permission to the Tea Tree Gully State Emergency Services to install sandbag pods at the CTTG Service Centre, Turramurra Recreation Centre and Waterworld, and to place bulk sand stockpiles at suitable locations to service these pods in the event of a potential flood event.
  • Modbury Jets - Council granted Modbury Jets an extension of time for a report on the Ladywood Reserve facility upgrade. It will need to be ready for Council for consideration no later than December 2021.
  • Policies – Changes to the following policies were approved: Tree Management Policy, Emergency Management Policy, Access to Documents Relating to Development Applications Policy and Development Fees Variation Policy. The Informal Gatherings Policy was removed, as requirements for information/briefing sessions are now covered by new legislation.

12 October 2021 meeting

  • Community Grants 2021-2022 (Round 1) – Council considered the Round 1 Community Grant applications and approved a number of the applications.
  • Maxlay Reserve Development Options (Outcome of Concept 3 Investigations) – Council will not proceed with the proposed development on Maxlay Reserve, Modbury Heights. Council will investigate grants to assist with upgrading the Reserve.
  • Proposal to Initiate a Code Amendment to Rezone the Rural Living Zone at Golden Grove to a Neighbourhood-type Zone - Council will proceed with a Code Amendment to investigate the rezoning of the Rural Living Zone at Golden Grove to a Neighbourhood-type Zone.
  • Allocation of Playground 'various' Funding as included in Council's Annual Business Plan FY 2021 – 2022 – Council allocated $17,000 for the purpose of installing a swing and associated softfall at Tarni Reserve, Fairview Park, as well as $83,000 to the Ridgehaven Reserve Playground Renewal Project. 

28 September 2021 meeting

  • Council adopted its By-laws for the next seven years, from 1 January 2022.
  • Council resolved to oppose a recycling facility on the corner of Hancock Road and North East Road in Tea Tree Gully.
  • Council resolved not to object to a proposal to acquire the access road from the hockey field car park on to the Grove Road, Golden Grove as part of the park-and-ride facility This access road will now become public road.
  • Council supported a proposal to provide a response to the PFAS Inquiry, which relates to the safe disposal of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, commonly referred to as PFAS substances.
  • Council resolved to nominate two projects for funding under the Australian Government Blackspot Program 2022-2023.
  • Council resolved to go to community engagement for a proposed new playground at Kaplan Reserve in St. Agnes.
  • Council resolved to go to community engagement for a shipping container at Tilley Reserve to be used by the Tea Tree Gully City Soccer Club for the purpose of a bar and storage.
  • Council received a report which found Cr Lucas Jones had breached the Code of Conduct during an interview on ABC 891 relating to the Edinburgh Reserve inclusive playground development. This followed a number of complaints from the community regarding is commentary.  

14 September 2021 meeting

  • Mowbray Reserve - Council decided not to proceed with the proposed sale of a portion of Mowbray Reserve.
  • Committees - Council decided to reduce the membership and alter the terms of reference for the 4 Council committees impacted by the vacant seat on Council caused by the removal of Cr Schlueter from office.  
  • Memorial - Council gave in-principle support to construct a memorial for Dernancourt to recognise the historic significance of the naming of this suburb. Council will now seek grant funding for the proposed project.

24 August 2021 meeting

  • Waterworld – Council’s policy for Waterworld was updated to allow for greater flexibility in opening and closing hours as a result of hot or cold weather conditions or in response to unexpected events. It outlines conditions when patrons may receive free admission for identified card holders (Age Pension, Companion Card, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card)
  • Councillor removed from elected position - Council decided to remove Cr Alicia Schlueter from her role as a City of Tea Tree Gully councillor after she missed three consecutive ordinary Council meetings without seeking a leave of absence. In doing so, section 54 of the Local Government Act 1999 was triggered, meaning Council could remove her from her position as an elected member. More information.
  • Grant - Council decided to accept a $54,065 grant from the Department for Infrastructure and Transport for a bike lane extension on Montague Road, between Fairleigh Avenue and North East Road (Modbury). 

10 August 2021 meeting

  • Sporting club - Council supports the redevelopment of Modbury Sporting Club redevelopment, subject to a prudential report and availability of Council and grant funding.
  • Wynn Vale Dam - Council supports a stage 2 safety audit of Wynn Vale Dam and development of a masterplan to improve and enhance the amenity of the dam.
  • Parking - Council requests the Department of Environment to expand the Perseverance and Janlyn road car parks at Vista, where needed. Council staff have been asked to consider timed or restricted parking along Janlyn Road.
  • Koalas - Council agreed to explore measures to reduce koala-related traffic incidents in partnership with koala rescue group 1300KOALAZ.
  • Reforms - Council considered feedback on Local Government Reforms Round 1 Regulations and Transitional Regulations.

27 July 2021 meeting

  • Proposed rezoning - Council gave in-principal support to commence an investigation into a proposed rezoning of the Golden Grove Rural Living Zone, as well as potential rezoning of 53 and 99 Crouch Road (Golden Grove) for commercial and retail uses. A further report will be presented to Council regarding the proposal for a Residential Code Amendment, including outcomes of the investigation.
  • Kaurna welcome - Council will be organising a Kaurna Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony before site works begin on Dry Creek (Modbury and Modbury North).
  • Grant applications - Council will be submitting grant funding submissions for the following key community projects:
  • Meadowvale Age Friendly Precinct lighting installation
  • Dry Creek Corridor Stage 2 - Dawson Reserve open space upgrade
  • Meadowvale Reserve creek works to stabilise banks and prevent erosion
  • South Australian Districts Netball Association court lighting upgrade 
  • Golden Grove Tennis Club lighting upgrade for upper and lower courts.  

13 July 2021 meeting

  • SA Water Sustainable Sewer Transition Plan - Council will advise SA Water that a prudential report will need to be considered by Council prior to making any decisions regarding the transition plan - as required to do by legislation. In the meantime, Council staff will continue to negotiate with SA Water, seeking to the transfer all CWMS customers to SA Water before 1 July 2022. Letters, outlining Council’s concerns, will be sent to the Minister for Environment and Water, the Leader of the Opposition and local members of parliament. 
  • Hargrave Reserve cricket pitch - Council will retain the cricket pitch at Hargrave Reserve. Signs will be erected at the reserve to show time limits for organised regular sport. The limits will not apply to the Valley View Eagles Softball Club, who have a pre-existing agreement. 
  • Modbury Jets Football Club - Council will investigate new inclusive change rooms, new/upgraded toilets and additional car parking for the club at Ladywood Reserve. A sum of $10,000 has been allocated to develop concept designs and cost estimates to ensure Disability Discrimination Act compliance. A report will go back to Council in October this year.
  • Park ‘n’ Ride  - Council will write to the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport about the proposed new Park ‘n’ Ride facility to be built by the State Government in the Datacom car park at Modbury. Council wants to know if the 400 parking spaces will be available to public transport users only and an explanation why commuters will need to pay to park there.  

29 June meeting

  • Council approved its Annual Business Plan and budget for the 2021-2022 financial year.  This includes more than $40 million in capital works projects. More details.  

22 June meeting

  • Precinct plan - Council received the community engagement outcomes for the draft Tea Tree Gully Township Precinct Plan. A traffic and parking study will be undertaken once Memorial Drive reopens later this year, following a culvert replacement and associated roadworks which will inform a revised plan being presented to Council by November 2021.
  • Dernancourt - Council gave in-principle support for the construction of a memorial adjacent to a River Torrens Linear Park pathway to recognise the historical significance of the naming of the suburb Dernancourt. Community members will be invited to have their say, before a further report is prepared for Council to consider.
  • Dry Creek - Council endorsed the Dry Creek Corridor Biodiversity Plan 2021, which proposes further work to be undertaken that protects and enhances the biodiversity in the corridor.
  • Modbury Soccer Club - Council accepted a $671,000 grant from the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing for a Modbury Soccer Club facility upgrade. Council will contribute $596,000 towards the project and will ask the club to contribute $75,000. 
  • Modbury Tennis Club and Tango Netball Club - Council also accepted a $143,000 grant from the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing for a Modbury Tennis Club and Tango Netball Club sports floodlighting upgrades. Council will contribute $113,000 towards the project and will ask the clubs to contribute $20,000 and $12,000 respectively.
  • Modbury Bowling Club - Council accepted a $739,250 grant for a Modbury Bowling Club facility upgrade. Council will contribute up to $750,000 towards the project and will ask the club to contribute $100,000. 

More information on grants

8 June meeting

  • Tea Tree Gully Gymsports – Council granted a further 10-year lease and supported the concept of helping fund a $7.27 million new facility for Tea Tree Gully Gymsports, subject to a prudential report and contribution being available for at least 50% of costs  - either through external funding or club contribution. 
  • CWMS - Council decided to proceed with an independent prudential review of the Community Wastewater Management System as part of plans to transition this system to SA Water. 
  • Cats – Council supported a statewide approach to cat management through state legislation changes.
  •  By-laws – Council will undertake community engagement on proposed by-laws for permits, roads, local government land, dogs, moveable signs and waste management. 
  • Dogs off leash – Dogs will be allowed off leash at Memorial Oval (Tea Tree Gully), except when the oval is used by the Department for Education or a sporting club. Signage will be installed to advise the public of this change.
  • Library campaign – Council will consider any future requests to join a library funding campaign once State Government negotiations are finalised. 

25 May meeting

  • Community grants – Council approved $44,000 in community grants to a range of local community groups, such as sporting clubs and other community groups.
  • Land swap – Council declined an unsolicited proposed for a land swap and redevelopment affecting Harpers Field (Golden Grove)
  • Robe and medallion – A proposal to have a deputy mayoral robe and medallion has been referred to Council’s Policy and Strategic Development Committee for further consideration, with the Deputy Mayor being given the ability to wear the existing ceremonial chains. 
  • Golden Fields Reserve – Council decided to accept and match a $750,000 grant from the Minister for Planning and Local Government to build an adventure playspace at this popular Golden Grove reserve.

11 May meeting

  • Modbury Sports and Community Club – Council asked for a report on improvements for the club rooms and approved a sports field lighting upgrade for the site.
  • Tree removal – Council did not approve a request to remove a regulated tree on Park Lake Drive (Wynn Vale). 
  • Recreational vehicle dump point – Council supported a proposal to proceed with negotiations for an recreational vehicle dump point on Lions Road (Hope Valley).
  • Events – Council supported Civic Park Carols as a live in-person event, plus a number of other large-scale events. Events will be held subject to COVID-19 regulations.
  • Finances – Council supported a draft operating budget and capital works program for next financial year. These documents form part of Council's draft annual business plan, which will be considered by Council on 18 May.

27 April meeting

  • Tilley Recreation Park – Council supported a draft master plan for Tilley Recreation Park, as well as a proposed funding model for this, which would include a grant funding requirement for at least 50% of the project cost. This is still subject to prudential review.
  • Tea Tree Gully Gymsports – Council deferred a decision on whether to support a proposed concept plan for Tea Tree Gully Gymsports (Banksia Park) to enable further discussion with Tea Tree Gully Gymsports. 
  • Hargrave Reserve – Council will ask community members to have their say on the proposed removal of a cricket pitch at Hargrave Reserve (Modbury Heights). Feedback from the community will be included in a further report for Council to consider the merits on the proposal. 

13 April meeting

  • Veggie verges – Council gave in-principle support for the establishment of verge vegetable patches within the City. The aim is to see fresh produce being shared by neighbours to bring local communities closer together and help green our suburbs and cool local streets.
  • Harpers Field community building – Council approved a $6 million funding agreement from the State Government which will help fund a proposed $12 million multi-purpose community building. More info.
  • Tree removal – Council will contribute up to $10,000 for the removal of a tree on a residential property at Surrey Downs, subject to necessary approvals, on compassionate grounds. The branch fell from the tree earlier this year, resulting in the tragic death of a resident.
  •  Australia Reserve – Council approved the disposal of the development site at 13 Australia Avenue, Modbury via open tender, with proceeds going to upgrade Australia Reserve amenity and improve traffic safety. 

23 March meeting

  • Edinburgh reserve playground upgrade – Council considered an internal review by an independent consultant on the 8 December 2020 Council meeting regarding the proposed playground upgrade to Edinburgh Reserve. After considering further information and evidence available, Council made the decision to uphold the original decision and proceed with the upgrade.
  • Rebate Program for Cloth Nappies and Reusable Sanitary Items – Council supported a 12 month trial for a rebate program of cloth and reusable nappy and sanitary items (excluding incontinence products).
  • Westfield Shopping Centre – Installation of Ticketless Parking Infrastructure – Council will write to the State Commission Assessment Panel noting that the proposed installation of ticketless parking infrastructure is not at variance with the City of Tea Tree Gully Development Plan.
  • Tea Tree Gully Gymsports – Council will be undertaking community engagement on the proposal for a 10 year lease for Tea Tree Gully Gymsports, located in Elizabeth Street, Banksia Park.
  • Hope Valley Tennis and Netball Club – Council approved a further 5 year lease for the Hope Valley Tennis and Netball Club.

9 March  meeting

  • Community Wastewater Management System – Council decided to write to SA Water to request a formal offer in order to progress negotiations for the transfer of Council-owned Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS) resources to SA Water. Once Council receives a formal offer, it will commission a legally required prudential report to assess the offer. More about the CWMS.
  • Golden Grove Park ‘n’ Ride – Council supported the State Government’s compulsory acquisition of the existing Council access road for the Golden Grove Park ‘n’ Ride upgrade - from the Park ‘n’ Ride and the hockey fields to The Grove Way, as well as part of the reserve to be use as a landscape buffer. Council also expressed views on the access road being the ongoing responsibility of the State Government. 
  • Signage and Entrance Statements Policy – Council amended this policy to be clear that memorials and ceremonial structures are not covered by this policy, noting that the Tea Tree Gully Memorial Arch was never covered by this policy. See the updated policy. 
  • Tea Tree Gully Township Precinct – Council will ask community members to have their say on the future of the Tea Tree Gully Township Precinct.

23 February meeting

  • Signage and entrance statements – Elected Members will consider on a case-by-case basis whether to repair, replace or remove signage and entrance statements when these fail or are damaged.
  • Westfield Tea Tree Plaza paid parking proposal – Council will write to Westfield Tea Tree Plaza in opposition to a paid parking proposal for the shopping centre. The letter will ask Westfield to consider other options. The Council will also contact the Minister for Transport, Corey Wingard, and the Member for Newland, Richard Harvey, to ask for exact details on when a second Park ‘n’ Ride will be built at Modbury. 

11 February meeting

  • Infrastructure damage by developers and builders - In a trial of up to six months, Council will assess the condition of assets - such as roads, footpaths and street trees - before, during and after building projects. Council will continue to lobby the State Government for help to recover the costs on repairing this damage.
  • Golden Grove Road Stage 2 upgrade - Council decided to provide $350,000 to fund footpath construction as part of this State Government project, subject to final approval in our 2021-2022 budget.
  • White Ribbon Accreditation - Council will work towards seeking White Ribbon Australia accreditation.
  • Rebate for cloth nappies and reusable sanitary items - Council will look into the feasibility of conducting a 12-month trial of rebates for reusable nappies, sanitary items and incontinence products.

19 January meeting

  • Solandra Reserve - Council received the community engagement outcomes and approved a concept design and construction of public toilets for the reserve at Modbury North.
  • Golden Grove Park ‘n’ Ride facility - Council supported a concept to upgrade this facility, including the construction of a multi-level car park and other site improvements. Council will write to the State Government in support of the project - with some suggested amendments. Anyone who uses the car park, might be pleased to know that they can park at the SADNA car park when construction is underway.




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