Algae treatment for Jubilee lake

Published on 27 October 2022

jubilee lake

Update 14 November: Following the completion of the treatment outlined below, the water quality and appearance if Jubilee Lake has greatly improved.


Works are currently underway at Jubilee Lake, Wynn Vale to help control the growth of blue-green algae and aerate the water.

Contractor, Viss Water, are conducting a trial to reduce the algae using nanobubble technology.

This technology is chemical free and works by adding oxygen to the water via microfine bubbles.

The expected result is less algae and bacteria in the water which will enhance the environment for fish and other marine animals.

The lake will be murky for a period of time while the algae breaks down, before looking heathier in the summer months.  

Help us keep the water clean by not feeding the ducks and disposing of any rubbish thoughtfully. 

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