Archer: Our recycling superhero

Published on 30 May 2023

Archer Bennett with a Mini Muncher filled with kitchen scraps

Archer is a six-year-old local resident who’s on a mission to reduce waste and preserve the environment.

He’s passionate about recycling and loves anything related to waste collection trucks and bins.

“I think it’s lazy when people don’t sort their waste properly. If a six-year-old can do it, then an adult can too!” Archer says.

Archer knows that organic waste like food scraps, uneaten food, pet waste,garden waste, and compostable paper (such as used tissues and paper towel) all belong in the green-lid food and organics bin.

“If everyone just did the right thing, it wouldn’t be such a problem!”

Archer encourages everyone to use a Mini Muncher kitchen caddy to collect their organic waste for their green-lid food and organics bin.

“All people should have one in their kitchen to collect their food scraps because it stops it from ending up in landfill. After it’s collected, it’s made into compost, which is great.”

Unfortunately, not all residents are as committed to waste reduction and recycling as Archer.

In fact, a recent bin audit of red-lid general waste bins across the City of Tea Tree Gully found 76% of items should have been placed in other bins – that’s 14,295 tonnes of valuable resources that could be re-used being sent to landfill each year.

Archer’s passion for waste and recycling led him to start a clean-up team at his school during lunchtimes.

And he even operates a bin service, where he puts his neighbours’ bins out and puts them away again after collection.

The City of Tea Tree Gully shares Archer’s passion for waste reduction. We're putting together a long-term Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy to reduce the amount of waste needlessly going to landfill.

Visit the Which Bin SA website for tips on recycling.

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