Bushfire prevention

Published on 29 September 2021

As part of Council’s annual fire prevention works, more than 77 km of fire tracks are assessed and maintained to CFS standards.
Council staff grade and resurface the fire tracks where they have eroded over the winter months. Staff also clear flammable undergrowth in these areas to allow safer and easier access for emergency vehicles.
Emergency service vehicles including fire, ambulance and police rely on these tracks for access to rural areas in times of emergency. Fire tracks also serve the purpose of providing protection to properties and acting as firebreaks, where fire can burn out of rural areas and into suburbia. 
All rural roads and areas surrounding inaccessible gullies in Golden Grove and Greenwith have grass and verge cutting completed in the lead-up the bushfire season. This assists in slowing and stopping the spread of fire.   
Residents who live in a high fire risk area can apply for a burning permit if required.
If you live in a high-risk area, create your bushfire plan and learn how to be bushfire ready at the CFS website.


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