Cancer support group

Published on 15 June 2022

Sunnybrook Cancer Support Group

Melissa O’Brien, the group coordinator of the Sunnybrook cancer support group, wants to help City of Tea Tree Gully residents whose lives have been affected by cancer.

Melissa has been battling brain cancer for 10 years, and uses her personal experience to help cancer support group members through their cancer journey. Members have a safe space to talk and connect with people who understand what life with cancer is like. 

“Anyone fighting cancer may struggle to open up with their family and friends. We provide them with a space where they can talk about their cancer journey in an unfiltered way,” said Melissa.

Started in 2001, this community group welcomes anyone with cancer, or who is caring for someone with cancer, to come along to the group. Members who have beaten cancer continue to come along and support others going through a similar experience.  

The cancer support group meets every Friday at the Jubilee Community Centre during school term (except public holidays). The group has regular guest speakers and social activities including arts, crafts and going to the movies.

Sadie, one of the original members said, “the group is an important outlet for those living with cancer. It gets them out of the house to enjoy some fun, knowing they will always be supported and valued.”

For Melissa, this group has helped her form friendships and helped her find different ways to deal with her illness.

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