Celebrating our 100th edition of the Gully Grapevine

Published on 20 September 2022

With the publication of our 100th edition of the Gully Grapevine this week, we have taken a step back in time to January 2002 when our first edition was published.

Back then it was printed in a newspaper format and featured a column by then mayor Lesley Purdom, who passed away in 2021.

The big news was a “spectacular new park” to be built at Golden Grove.

Twenty years on, Golden Fields is one of our premier parks and more improvements are on the way later this year, including an adventure playspace as part of a $1.1 million upgrade.

That first edition also announced a “sensational new library” to be built as part of the Civic Centre that would be a “vibrant, fun environment for all ages”.

With hundreds of visitors a day, plus weekly events and activities, we think they have fulfilled their brief.

The other news was that a free community event at Civic Park would feature Humphrey Bear and Scandal’Us.

Lesley Purdom said in the first edition, “It is your right as a resident or business of the City of Tea Tree Gully to be fully informed of important matters and issues.”

While the format and style of the Grapevine and our other communications have evolved, we think her words still ring true today.

See the first edition of the Gully Grapevine(PDF, 2MB)

See the latest edition of the Gully Grapevine(PDF, 2MB)

First edition Grapevine held by a woman who was born the same year

Local resident Angelina Kyriacou at Golden Fields. She was born in 2002, the year that the first edition of the Gully Grapevine was published. 

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