Council puts a price on trees

Published on 20 December 2021


The City of Tea Tree Gully joins a growing number of councils across Australia who now place a monetary value on public trees.

This change was enacted with Council’s recently reviewed Tree Management Policy.

The policy reflects the growing community expectations on Council to protect our public trees. It also recognises the value that trees provide to us all in so many ways.

“Trees are a critical and valuable asset for our community. This policy gives us a framework and strategy to protect our trees for future generations”

“Having a framework to formally value public trees will hopefully ensure that people think twice before seeking to have public trees removed in the future” said CEO John Moyle.

Mr Moyle also stated it would be positive to have legislation changed to allow the same consideration given to private trees which are not covered by Council policy.

The way that we assess trees is unchanged, but during development, a formal method for valuing public trees that might otherwise be impacted by development will be used.

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