Council takes further stand against male violence towards women

Published on 16 November 2021

Group photo of some elected members and the Council executive team

Tea Tree Gully Council has decided to progress its stance against violence, harassment and abuse towards women by seeking White Ribbon Australia workplace accreditation. 

It’s all about helping create a safe workplace for everyone, said Deputy Mayor Lucas Jones. 

“Our Council is strongly behind this plan. Violence towards women is a serious and widespread problem impacting our community. 

“Achieving accreditation will send a clear message of no tolerance and will complement other actions taken to prevent and respond to these types of incidents,” said Deputy Mayor Jones. 

Council workers are already offered special paid leave, in addition to existing leave entitlements, if they are experiencing domestic violence. The accreditation process will highlight what Council is doing to address women’s safety and gender equality issues, and will identify any gaps that need to be addressed. 

White Ribbon Australia is supportive of Council seeking accreditation. 

“It’s great to see the City of Tea Tree Gully showing leadership and setting an example of commitment to advancing gender equality, a workplace safe from sexual harassment and discrimination, and supporting workers experiencing violence and abuse in their relationships. 

“Helping both Council staff and the broader community understand the drivers of men’s violence, abuse and harassment of women is one way we can prevent this from happening – addressing attitudes, behaviours and relationship expectations that uphold inequality and excuse disrespect helps build healthy families in our City and empowers everyone to thrive,” said a White Ribbon Australia spokesperson. 

Council hopes that other organisations, such as faith communities, sporting and cultural groups, will also get on board with seeking White Ribbon Australia accreditation. 

This will help to build a future where women are free from all forms of men’s violence and abuse. 

Visit the White Ribbon Australia website to find out how to get involved. 

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