Easing the way for local animal rescue workers

Published on 27 October 2023

Possum holding a native plant

Life has gotten a little easier for local volunteers caring for orphaned, injured or sick native animals, thanks to a recent Tea Tree Gully Council decision.

Save our Wildlife Foundation and 1300 KOALAZ volunteers have received the green light to collect foliage from selected Council reserves to help feed wildlife in their care.

“To have the best chance of survival, native animals must eat fresh native food so they can recognise this when they are released into the wild,” said Marion MacLucas of the Save our Wildlife Foundation.

“As a volunteer wildlife carer, our job is 24/7. Being able to go to a local reserve and collect food is a time saver and is safer than having to drive around to find native plants on the side of roads.”  

The selected reserves have enough foliage to support both rescued animals and local native animals living there.  

The Save Our Wildlife Foundation has been allocated Hallett (Golden Grove) and Greenway reserves (Surrey Downs), while 1300 KOALAZ has access to Golden Fields (Golden Grove) and Kingfisher reserves (Modbury Heights) for two years under the agreement.  

Both organisations independently approached the Council to seek permission to collect foliage from reserves. Each organisation has additional foliage sources to feed animals in their care. 

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