Home lawn care tips for spring

Published on 14 September 2021


Tips for spring lawn care from our turf specialists

Giving your lawn care and attention during spring will support growth and healthy roots heading into the summer months. 

Follow these spring lawn care tips from the Council staff who maintain our reserves, open spaces and sporting pitches. Many of them are also self-confessed home turf aficionados.

  • Mow the lawn as low as you can with a rotary mower. Use a catcher and compost the clippings in your green organics bin. This removes the old thatch and lets air, water and nutrients into the soil profile to promote healthy turf.

  • Apply a complete granule fertiliser and water in well. Leave it for two or three days to let the grass recover.

  • Ask your local supplier what selective herbicide is best for your lawn if you have unwanted broadleaf weed species.

  • Top-dress using a suitable sandy loam soil. Do not use compost, potting mix or sand.

  • Fill in uneven areas, holes and divots in your soil. Level the soil out using a lawn leveller hand tool or landscape rake. Apply a maximum of 2.5 cm of loam so the turf can push through

  • Stand back, water and let nature do its thing.

  • To help maintain moisture during the hot summer months, apply a liquid wetting agent to aid moisture retention.  

These tips should give you a flat, healthy and green lawn that you can be proud of.

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