How to avoid stinky bins during warmer weather

Published on 07 November 2022

A mother and daughter using the Mini Muncher kitchen caddy

As most of us know, food waste should go in your green organics bin, but we also know that these can become stinky over summer.

Try these tips to minimise food scrap odours in your Mini Muncher kitchen caddy and green-lid organics bin over:

  • Wrap seafood shells or meat scraps in newspaper and then double bag using compostable bags before placing in your organics bin

  • Keep your green organics bin out of direct sunlight as heat speeds up decay and odours

  • Keep your Mini Muncher and organics bin lids closed

  • Regularly change over the compostable bags in your Mini Muncher

  • Sprinkle bicarbonate soda in the bottom of your Mini Muncher to soak up any liquids

  • Wash your green organics bin every three to six months and wash your Mini Muncher at least once a week

  • Store food scraps in your freezer until bin collection day if you have the space.  

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