Just one bread bag of rubbish a week

Published on 03 December 2021

A St Agnes family of five create just a bread bag of rubbish a week – an inspiration to those on the waste reduction journey.

Hayley and Ashley Hasler, parents of Elsie (8), Kaylin (5), Harriet (3), started to try to reduce the amount of waste they generated about three or four years ago.

“We’d decided to have a larger family and were conscious of the impact this has on our planet,” said Hayley.

A major focus has been on reducing the amount of packaged foods and single-use plastics they buy. 

The couple take reusable bags to the supermarket and buy fruit and vegetables at a local greengrocer where items are less likely to be pre-packaged. And,

of course, making sure any waste they have goes in the right kerbside collection bin is also key to their success.

Having a backyard chicken coop and a vegetable garden, food scraps go to their chickens or into a compost bin, to later enrich the soil in their garden.

Growing in their vegetable garden are carrots, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes and peas. The kids love to help in the garden, overseen by Ashley.

Hayley preserves excess fruit and vegetables for the family to enjoy, as well as to pass on to family and friends as gifts.

Looking to reduce their carbon footprint further, the family has moved into using renewable energy, including driving a plug-in hybrid electric car and having solar panels and a battery.

“It looks like a big effort, but we made small changesover the years so it seems quite normal to us. We do the best we can and make changes in the places we have the power to do so,” said Hayley.

Visit the Which Bin SA website to learn more about waste reduction and recycling.

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