Library launches Children's Wellbeing Kits

Published on 07 November 2022

Mandy George and her children hold some of the Children's Wellbeing Kits

Parents and caregivers can now learn about and support their children using Children’s Wellbeing Kits available to borrow from Tea Tree Gully Library.

The kits, launched last month, were created in collaboration with local resident and child clinical psychologist Mandy George.

There are five kits, with each focusing on one key area: gratitude, resilience, feelings, mindfulness and confidence.

Each kit contains fun, simple and low-cost activities that have been designed for parents and caregivers to do with their children. These include games, books to read, and accessible and easy-to-understand information on how to model positive behaviours while developing and supporting children to practise them too.

The activities suit a wide range of children: whether your child needs support to bounce back from a difficult challenge or guidance to understand and regulate some tricky emotions – or they just need to develop their confidence when making friends.

With over 12 years’ experience working with children, and with three children of her own, Mandy is passionate about supporting caregivers to build strong, healthy attachments with their children and to effectively guide their children through big emotions and tricky behaviours.

As an avid believer in early intervention and prevention of psychological and behavioural issues in children, Mandy was keen to contribute to the Children’s Wellbeing Kits.

“I believe that parents and caregivers play the most important role in influencing and nurturing their children’s emotional and psychological wellbeing.

“When parents and caregivers are well supported and resourced, they are in the best position to guide and teach their children about how to effectively navigate feelings, behaviour and relationships.”

Children’s & Youth Library Coordinator, Michelle Elliott, said, “We hope families will enjoy spending quality time together working through the activities and reading the books. The kits are super easy to borrow – all you need is your library card!”

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Photo: Mandy George and her children display some of the Children's Wellbeing Kits.

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