Resources about buying and using new energy technologies

Published on 05 June 2023

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Are you interested in learning more about solar power, home batteries and electric vehicles? 

The resource below are easy-to-understand factsheets about buying and using new energy technologies. 

A series of webinars are occurring across 2023 delving into these topics. Register to attend a live webinar, or watch the webinar at a later date

Take your time to review one or all of the factsheets to increase your knowledge of this important range of topics.

Installing solar power(PDF, 1MB)

Using solar power(PDF, 1MB)

Installing solar batteries(PDF, 1MB)

Using solar batteries(PDF, 930KB)

Electric vehicles(PDF, 1MB)

Using electric vehicles(PDF, 1MB)

Going off-grid(PDF, 1MB)

Being off-grid(PDF, 1007KB)

Virtual power plants(PDF, 1MB)

Energy Monitoring (PDF, 1MB)


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