Skate parks for the whole family to enjoy

Published on 07 September 2022


Looking for a local skate park?

You’ll find them at:

Each park has a skate bowl of varying size to practice your skating, riding or scooter skills.

You’ll find luscious lawn areas and picnic tables at each skate park so pack a picnic and make a day of it.

Modbury Skate Plaza - Modbury

Pack your helmet and knee pads, ready for an afternoon of action. Modbury skate plaza accommodates all skill levels for inline skating, skateboards, BMX and scooters. Located near Waterworld, the plaza has seating, a picnic table, lawn areas, terraced wall ramps and ledges along with shade. Lighting for dusk skating is available via a push-button on the lighting tower.

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Bentley Skate Bowl - Holden Hill

Enjoyable for skaters of all ages, Bentley skate bowl is situated in the heart of Holden Hill. The longline skate bowl provides the perfect practice ground for those looking to sharpen their skating  or scooting skills.

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Golden Fields - Golden Grove

This popular reserve is suitable for all ages, catering for skaters, scooters and BMX riders. The skate plaza has two bowls, ramps and ledges to hone your riding and skating skills. Golden Fields also has three playground zones and a multi-use sports rage cage to enjoy after a skating session. 

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