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Published on 21 June 2022

Street name sign in Greenwith

Across the City of Tea Tree Gully, you will find pockets of themed street names.

With the help of local history expert, Carole Simmonds, the President of the Tea Tree Gully & District Historical Society, we have put together a list of some of these street names.

Some of the themes coincide with the history of the area or a world event, whilst others are an educated guess.  

“Street names are named by the developers. They choose the names they want when they are developing the area,” said Carole.

Fairview Park – Names related to golf including Golf Drive, Tee Avenue and Wedge Street. The Tea Tree Gully Golf Club is in this suburb and the developers could have named it due to this.

Wynn Vale- There is a selection of wine related street names around Wynn Vale Dam including Shiraz Street, Riesling Road and Alicante Avenue. The Wynn family were winemakers and lived in the area in the 1940s. Wynn Vale also has street names of Texas cities including Dallas, San Antonio and Houston Courts.

Banksia Park – Names of trees and plants including Wattle Crescent and Lilac Street. This could be due to having banksias in the area or because of Newman’s Nursery.

Modbury North- Names of astronauts including Armstrong Crescent, Apollo Place and Aldrin Crescent.

St Agnes – Names of politicians including Whitlam Street and Curtin Avenue.  

Golden Grove- Names of trees including Orchard Grove, Citrus Street, Lemon Crescent and Citronella Place. There is also names of nuts including, Hazelnut Court, Chestnut Grove and Pistachio Way. 


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