The dos and don'ts of woodheaters

Published on 24 May 2022


Sitting in front of a woodheater on a cold night can be delightful.

But smoke from woodheaters can be a nuisance to neighbours, if they are not operated correctly.

Follow these tips, if you have a woodheater, to get it burning efficiently to reduce pollution and impact on others:

• Use only dry seasoned wood

• Use plenty of kindling to get the fire established quickly

• Keep the air intake open for 20 minutes after lighting or after adding more wood – or less if smoke is not visible

• Don’t overload the heater

• Use several smaller logs rather than one large log

• Always have the air intake open enough to keep the fire burning brightly rather than smouldering

• Get your chimney flue cleaned at least once a year

• Don’t operate your woodheater overnight on reduced air flow

• Go outside and check your chimney. Once the fire is lit there should be minimal smoke after 20 minutes or less.

Remember, allowing your woodheater to produce excessive smoke is against the law so it’s important to do the right thing.

Contact us for more information - including how to deal with chimney smoke that’s adversely affecting you.

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