The health benefits of owning a dog

Published on 15 June 2022


Dogs can have a significant and positive impact on our physical and mental health, so it’s no surprise there are currently 19,334 dogs registered with the Tea Tree Gully Council.

Laura Watson, our manager community safety, heads up the team responsible for dog registration. She also owns two dogs, Sunny and Revy. Her dogs contribute to her physical health by being the perfect personal trainers. They make sure she never forgets to take them for a daily walk - rain, hail or shine.

“The best part of each day is our walk, it doesn’t need to be long, just long enough to let Sunny and Revy stretch their legs and take in the new smells,” said Laura.

Some of the health benefits of owning a dog include:

  • Regular exercise improves fitness and physical health, including lowering blood pressure, lower risk of heart disease and helping to build stronger muscles and bones
  • Dogs helps us get outside and enjoy the outdoors which contributes to positive mental health
  • Patting your dog can reduce anxiety and feelings of stress
  • Pets make us feel safe when at home alone
  • A dog can boost your mood as ‘feel good’ hormones are released when you pat a dog
  • Improves social connections - dogs make us more approachable and make a great conversation starter with neighbours.

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