The restoration of Dry Creek Trail

Published on 25 May 2022

Friends of Dry Creek Trail - volunteers planting trees along the creek bed

The Friends of Dry Creek Trail are on a mission to restore Dry Creek to the native grass woodland it once was.

Established in 2000, the Friends of Dry Creek Trail was started when the local community was asked to be involved in the revegetation planting along the creek bed when erosion control work was completed.

Every third Sunday of the month, the Friends of Dry Creek Trail volunteer their time maintaining the creek line and planting native trees and plants to restore vegetation and help prevent erosion. The group are currently working at Gilles Reserve, Gilles Plains.

The president of Friends of Dry Creek Trail, Brenton Isted, has seen firsthand the positive impact the group is having on the trail.

“The work we have put in has brought life back into the trail. We are seeing birds and native plants returning to the creek, restoring it to a beautiful and valued resource for the community to enjoy.”

Coming along to one of the community group’s event is a great way to get outdoors while having fun with like minded people and giving back to the community. 

Find out more about Friends of Dry Creek Trail’s upcoming events

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