Thirst quenched - Balmoral Reserve and O-Bahn path

Published on 21 May 2024

Metal drinking fountain located near a reserve

The water fountains at Balmoral Reserve and the O-Bahn track's shared path have undergone makeovers, all thanks to the valuable input of ratepayers.

Gone are the old fountains – they've been replaced with ones that include dog bowls and water bottle fillers, just as the community desired. These amenities are accessible to everyone, including those in wheelchairs, making our parks more inclusive and welcoming to all.

Drinking water stations aren’t just for quenching thirst – they also serve as focal points for community gatherings, promote good health, and contribute to environmental conservation. They encourage us to drink more water while we’re out and about, which is beneficial for our bodies. Additionally, they are eco-friendly; by using them instead of buying bottled water, we reduce plastic waste and help protect the environment.

When communities invest in these stations, they’re not merely providing a place to refill water bottles – they're constructing healthier, happier, and more sustainable neighbourhoods.

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