Tips for pruning native plants

Published on 29 May 2023

Council staff prune a Boobialla

Looking for a simple way to maintain the health and appearance of your local native plants?

Pruning can be the solution you're looking for! And the best time to prune local native plants is from autumn until early winter.

By pruning, you can stimulate new growth and achieve a denser look, which is particularly beneficial for hedges. Additionally, the increased density helps to suppress weeds by limiting the amount of light that reaches the ground, reducing the need for herbicides and minimising your garden workload.

To ensure successful pruning, it's essential to start when the plants are young and prune newer growth only. It's best to avoid cutting into old or dead wood. If you're uncertain about how a specific plant will respond to pruning, it's best to trim a small section and watch how it regrows.

Numerous native plants can benefit from pruning, such as Sticky Hop-bush, Rock Correa, Sticky Boobialla, Twiggy Daisy-bush, Mealy Saltbush, Desert Cassia, Mallee Pea, Clasping Goodenia, Sweet Apple-berry, and Ruby Saltbush.

Photo: Council staff prune a Sticky Boobialla.

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