Tonnes of reasons to celebrate when it comes to waste

Published on 11 August 2022

Green, red and yellow bins on a footpath

Thanks to the many people who sort their waste correctly, we had some great recycling results from January to June this year.

  • Red landfill bin – About 9,150 tonnes of waste was sent to landfill. This is about 55 tonnes (0.6%) less than for the same time last year, despite an extra 400 bins being collected each week due to population growth.

  • Green organics bin – About 5,800 tonnes of organic waste from green organics bins was recycled into compost for gardens and agriculture - about 550 tonnes (9%) more than the same time last year. Plus, about 12,000 vehicles took additional organic waste at Enviro Care events, which we processed into mulch for Council parks and reserves.

  • Yellow recycling bin – About 3,830 tonnes of recyclable resources were collected, sorted and sold to manufacturers to make recycled products – about 70 tonnes (2%) more than the same time last year.

  • Hard waste – About 790 tonnes of hard waste was collected by our contractors – about 18 tonnes (2%) less than for the same time last year. This means that residents are finding better ways to dispose of unwanted larger items – or simply hanging on to them for longer.

This is good news as sending waste to landfill comes at great expense environmentally and financially.  

There are many of reasons why these changes could have occurred, such as residents buying products with less packaging, as well as using their green organics bins for kitchen waste. 

Please keep on recycling at home, repurposing where you can and making good choices at the checkout! You’re making a positive difference.

Visit the Which Bin SA website for more information on recycling.

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