Where roads will be upgraded this financial year

Published on 08 September 2021

roadworks on Smart Road
Smoother drives are on the way on local roads, with about 11 km in road upgrades to be rolled out across the City this financial year.
The works will improve road safety and driveability, and represent a $4.2 million investment. Costs will be offset with $1.1 million grants from the Australian Government Roads to Recovery Program.
The roadworks will also help keep people in work, with flow-on benefits expected for local businesses. 
At this stage, all works are scheduled to be completed by June 2022. 

See the type and locations of roadworks below - 

Road reconstruction - $1.7 million

Birch Grove  - Tristiania Terrace to Parson Road
Gilles Plains
Terry Crescent - Tasman Avenue to Brenda Avenue 
Golden Grove
Chatswood Grove - Elysium Drive to end
Pinehurst Street - Holly Place to end
Green Valley Drive (design) 
Rifle Range Road (design) 
Holden Hill
Lowan Avenue - North East Road to Valiant Road
Valley View

 Flockhart Avenue - Wahroonga Avenue to North East Road 

Road reseal - $1.4 million

Watts Road- Lawrence Avenue to end
Golden Grove

Citronelle Place - Grenadine Avenue to end
Einstein Drive - Mobius Crescent to end
Jacaranda Grove - Juniper Street to end Golden Grove  
Marie Clark Drive - Bicentennial Drive to Sutherland Place
Mobius Crescent - Einstein Drive to Einstein Drive
Ruse Court - Bennelong Court to end
Underwood Close - Reiby Place to end

Aqueduct Way - Majestic Grove to end
Bell Court - Mitchell Avenue to end
Duncan Crescent - Mitchell Avenue to Beckman Avenue 
Josephine Street - Amber Road to Lower North East Road
Hope Valley
Aries Avenue- Sirius Avenue to end
Canopus Avenue- Rega Avenue to Aries Avenue  
Hele Court- Molvig Avenue to end
Rega Avenue- Aries Avenue to Canopus Avenue
Sirius Avenue- Tolley Road to Canopus Avenue
Berryman Drive- Connie Street to Montague Road
Berryman Drive- Wright Road to Connie Street
Page Street- Australia Avenue to end
Modbury Heights
Bayclay Street- Billabong Road to Carribean Terrace
Carribean Terrace- Manooka Street to Kelly Road
Eros Street- Kelly Road to Noya Avenue
Hadrian Court- Robling Street to end

Shakespeare Way- Manooka Street to Bayclay Street  

Modbury North
Alawa Avenue - Beltana Avenue to Fairleigh Avenue
Beltana Avenue - Fairleigh Avenue to end
Bimba Court - Oratanga Road to end
Fairleigh Avenue - Montague Road to end
Iliad Grove - Fairleigh Avenue to end
Rostrrum Place - Rotary Court to end
Sherwell Avenue - Burra Street to Alexander Avenue

Modbury Heights
Isambard Court - Brunel Drive to end
Magnus Court - Maxlay Road to end
Monash Court - De Sassenay Crescent
Yeates Court - Tresauget Street to end

St Agnes
Cinnamon Avenue - Whiting Road to end
Claridge Court- Sarnia Farm Road to end
Surrey Downs

Zed Court- Zara Court to end

Wynn Vale 
Frontignac Court - Surrey Farm Drive to end
Pedro Place - Frontignac Court to end
Pinot Place - Frontignac Court to end
Reisling Road - Park Lake Drive to Alicante Avenue
Verdelho Street - Palomino Parade to Cabernet Avenue Wynn Vale 

Roads to Recovery - $1.1 million

Golden Grove Road  - Rifle Range Road to Tongariro Road
Tea Tree Gully 

 Memorial Drive (bridge to Dowding Terrace)

Unsealed road re-sheet - $147,000

Banksia Park
Milne Road - extension
Banksia Park  Golden Grove
Falkenburg Road
Ross Road
Gould Creek
Melville Road
Upper Hermitage

Castrees Road

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