Promote your community event or group

Social media

Create a social media account, such as Facebook or Twitter. 

Gully Grapevine community notice

Community groups can use the form below to submit an entry for the Gully Grapevine newsletter. Publication is subject to availability of space and timing. 

Click here to view form.


  • Find a newsworthy angle before contacting local media outlets, such as the Advertiser, radio or TV stations
  • Call talkback radio
  • Write a letter to the editor

Share on event websites


  • Email members and supporters


  • Ask if you can display one in your local recreation centre or community house
  • Use shopping centre noticeboards
  • Ask local businesses to display a poster for you

Mail outs or newsletters

  • Ask local schools to include an article in their school newsletters
  • Print flyers and drop them into letterboxes

Word of mouth

  • Promote your event to friends, neighbours and workmates