Reconciliation river walk

  • Walk a 1.2km loop track and connect to Kaurna Country.
  • The trail begins near the bridge opposite 50 The Promenade, Highbury on Linear Park. 
  • The main sign has the first and last QR codes followed by 9 wooden markers along the track.
  • Each marker has a QR code that links to a video by a Kaurna Elder sharing knowledge of Kaurna Country at the specific location. 

The River Torrens/Karra Wirra Parri has been an important watercourse for the Kaurna people/Meyunna, providing food, shelter, resources, connection to country and recreation.

This is a beautiful natural location with a running stream, birds and massive Red Gum trees.

The Reconciliation river walk project recognises our shared custodianship of this land and river by Kaurna people, City of Campbelltown and City of Tea Tree Gully. 

View the walk's marker point videos


The loop track is a concrete path, with bridges which have wooden planks and steep inclines on the western side.

Some markers are located off the path and closer to the river.

Kaurna Elder biographies

Elders featured in the videos: 

Uncle Frank Wangutya Wanganeen

Kaurna / Narungga Elder & Cultural Consultant - Frank's career spans across the decades contributing to the advancement of Reconciliation, Native Title, Aboriginal heritage, social justice and the revival of Kaurna language.

Frank operates the Kaurna Cultural Walking Tours in Adelaide as a cultural educator supporting awareness of Kaurna cultural heritage.

Uncle Tamaru

Narungga/ Kaurna Elder and Cultural Consultant - Tamaru is a consultant on Reconciliation Action Plans for both the private and public sector. Tamaru provides engaging educational experiences of Kaurna culture and language to schools, universities and government ministers.

Tamaru’s Welcome to Country and smoking ceremonies are interactive and raise community awareness of Reconciliation.


Ivan-Tiwu Waritya Copley

Ivan-Tiwu Copley (OAM, JP) is a Kaurna and Peramangk Elder from Adelaide Plains.

Ivan is a nationally accredited Aboriginal artist, Chairperson of the TURKINDI Network of SA Inc, member of the City of Campbelltown Reconciliation Advisory Committee, and is on a range of other community committees that deal with reconciliation, early learning curriculum for Aboriginal education, cultural learning, statistics, and history of missions and homes.



We acknowledge the knowledge and stories of Kaurna women will be sought in future projects. 

The views and opinions expressed in these videos are those of the presenters and do not necessarily reflect the City of Tea Tree Gully or City of Campbelltown.