Data collection

The City of Tea Tree Gully is using sensors to monitor local data including visitation, moisture, temperature and humidity. This data will be used by us to guide upgrades and activities.

We intend to make this information freely available to the community, businesses and visitors as open data, enabling a better understanding of the world around us.

The privacy of residents and visitors is important, therefore all data will be collected and managed in accordance with the Government of South Australia Information Privacy Principles. No personal information will be collected.

Sensor locations are shown on the map below.


The Things Network

The City of Tea Tree Gully utilises a community driven, open source, long range network called The Things Network

The network uses the LoRaWAN long-range wireless technology, which enables us to receive non-sensitive data from sensors installed at reserves, parks and facilities. This allows for the detection and monitoring of an array of information previously unobtainable or ineffective to collect.

As an open and free network, local business, residents, students and visitors can connect to and utilise the network.