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Council is providing rates hardship support to eligible households during COVID-19 to help reduce economic pressures. 

To be eligible for support, the ratepayer:

  • Must live in the house they are requesting a rate deferral for and own it via mortgage or outright
  • Must not have a secondary income within the household unaffected by the current situation
  • Must have received or been approved for a government income support benefit since 1 March 2020 and have proof of this.

If you meet the above criteria, you can apply for a 50% deferral in rates payments due.

This deferral applies to two instalment payments (current and next instalment), with this amount paid via a plan over the next six months.

All outstanding balances are required to be paid in the future. Any other arrears will be dealt with separately.

Once the form is submitted, a council Rates Officer will contact you to advise of the amounts due, the due dates, and to discuss any other arrears.

If you default on this arrangement, you will be subject to standard debt collection procedures. 

Complete the online form below to apply. Alternatively you can print the form 

If you don't meet the above criteria, email us at or call us on 8397 7444 to discuss your individual situation. 

Click here to view form.

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