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Published 05 October 2020

Refurbishment of existing change rooms and an upgrade to LED sports field floodlighting is underway at Tea Tree Gully Sportsman’s Club at Banksia Park as part of a $1 million upgrade by the City of Tea Tree Gully.

The current lighting is inadequate for the sportsman’s club, which comprises of the Tea Tree District Football Club and the Tea Tree Gully District Cricket Club.

The upgrade to LED technology will allow for safer training and night games for football while providing the opportunity for night junior cricket matches.

Refurbishing the existing change rooms will cater for greater flexibility in use and be an inclusive change room facility, making it easier for women and children to participate in sport.

The upgrades meet the South Australian Cricket Association and South Australian National Football League facility guidelines.

Works are scheduled for completion in April 2021.

Six people will be kept in work due to this project, which is jointly funded by the:

  • City of Tea Tree Gully - 57% ($571,000)
  • State Government - 33% ($335,000)
  • Tea Tree Gully Sportman’s Club - 10% ($96,000).

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