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Published 10 July 2018

Upgrades to major roads, installation of 6 km of new footpaths and improvements for playgrounds and reserves are on the way in the City of Tea Tree Gully in the next 12 months.

The news follows approval of a $92 million budget for 2018-2019 by Tea Tree Gully Council.

A total of $21 million will be invested on roads, new footpaths, reserve upgrades, city beautification and community buildings.

This will include the continued revitalisation of Modbury, with major streetscape works scheduled for sections of Smart and North East roads as part of long-term plans to build the local economy and create more jobs in the City’s regional centre.

A total of $71 million will be invested in infrastructure maintenance and the delivery of core services, such as waste management, fire prevention and library and immunisation services, as well as health, waste water management and planning.

A variety of community events, programs and activities, including major free events like Civic Park Carols and Civic Park movies, have also been funded in the budget.

The refurbishment and fit-out of a new service centre at Golden Grove will be completed in the next year to enable capital works, infrastructure maintenance and core services to be delivered safely and efficiently. The investment will be partially offset by the sale of the current works depot at Tolley Road.

A general rate increase of 2.5%, as proposed in the community consultation process, was set. This is apart from any increase due to changes in growth and valuation.

For a residential property valued at $350,000, this breaks down to an increase of 67 cents a week or $35 a year.

Budget snapshot

Capital works
Other major investments
Your rates

Capital works

 $39 million

  • $1.8 million - upgrades in Modbury, including the renewal of verges and footpaths
  • $1.6 million - new footpaths and renewals
  • $3.2 million - road upgrades and renewals
  • $800,000 - city beautification works
  • $833,000 - upgrade of Tea Tree Gully Library
  • $850,000 - upgrade and expansion of the Tea Tree Gully Tennis and Netball Courts
  • $520,000 - carpark and entrance upgrades at the South Australian District Netball Courts
  • $14.9 million - new service centre fit out
  • $500,000 - playground upgrades
  • $400,000 - upgrades to River Torrens Linear Park

Other major investments

  • $10 million - waste management
  • $4 million - recreation and leisure
  • $21 million – parks, gardens, reserves and sporting facilities
  • $3.4 million - library
  • $2.8 million - community services

Your rates

General rate increase of 2.5%, apart from any increase due to changes in growth and valuation.

Residential rates
What you can expect to pay based on property valuation

$350,000:  $1,425 - an increase of 67 cents a week or $35 a year

$450,000:  $1,832 - an increase of 86 cents a week or $45 a year

$500,000:  $2,239 - an increase of $1.06 a week or $55 a year