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Published 27 June 2018

When Tea Tree Gully Library sent their echidna mascot Anstey 37km up into space in December 2016, it was a world first.

Turns out Anstey had such a good trip, she’s heading back to space for the second time Saturday 7 July, weather permitting.

Young members of Anstey’s Space Club at Tea Tree Gully Library are behind the upcoming launch, who have been planning her journey at their monthly meetings since March.

The future astronauts, aged between 10-13 years, have spent the past four months learning about what it takes to travel into space from Australia’s emerging Astronautical sector and the Armature Radio Experimenters Group.

After the kids have launched her from Mt Barker oval, Anstey will travel into space inside a high-altitude balloon on an epic three-hour journey, where she’ll experience temperatures of -50 degrees and an atmosphere of less than one per cent.

A GoPro camera will record her journey, where she will see the curvature of the earth and float in black space.

Once the pressure gets too much, the balloon will burst and Anstey will return to earth via a parachute. Her landing will be predicted using geospatial software and tracked using radio location devices.