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Published 07 September 2017

Our community centres are a great place to build connections.

A recent example of this is the project that saw Holden Hill Community Centre receive a much-needed facelift.

A team of local residents helped create vibrant artworks at the centre, under the guidance of professional artist Sarah Boese.

The team used a variety of recycled materials, including old tyres and pallets, to create upcycled furniture outside the entrance.

Holden Hill Community Centre is one of four CTTG-run centres that offer a range of events and activities for people of all ages and stages.

Community centres are also a great starting places to make friends, particularly if you're new to the area or have become a parent, empty nester or retiree.

Activities on offer include cooking classes, computer tuition, sewing lessons, dance classes, support and parenting groups.

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