Published 05 November 2018

Get ready to have your rubbish crushed. The City of Tea Tree Gully has installed two solar-powered smart bins in high traffic areas at Civic Park (Modbury) and Golden Fields Reserve (Golden Grove).

The new bins can hold up to seven times the capacity of a normal bin and send an alert to collection crews when they are reaching capacity and need to be emptied, making them more efficient and environmentally friendly.

As the bins can hold more, they need to be emptied less often. This means less garbage collections, which means fuel and time savings and less pollution in our local environment.

The use of solar energy to power the compaction and communication also eliminates the reliance on grid energy.

By installing new bins that are easy to use, colourful and clean, Council is hoping more people bin their waste properly, so it doesn’t end up as litter in our public spaces.

Early results have proven council’s hopes for the technology to be well-founded. There has been an elimination of overflowing bins in the two areas, and the number of waste collection activities have also been reduced by two thirds.

The bins, which cost Council $8,000 each, will pay for themselves in about three to five years due to the efficiencies they create.

The move to install the two smart bins follows a successful trial conducted at Golden Fields Reserve last summer and is just one example which shows how innovation can improve service delivery and reduce costs.

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