Published 16 November 2018

Voters in the City of Tea Tree Gully have used their ballots to change the face of the north eastern Council, electing six new faces.

More than 19,000 residents voted in the recent Council Election, with the results being officially declared by ECSA on Friday 16 November 2018.

Kevin Knight will continue his term as Mayor of the City, topping the poll with more than 12,000 votes.

Mayor Knight has welcomed the new look Council saying, with so many fresh faces, it’s certainly an exciting time for the City.

“Residents have used the election as an opportunity to select a new group of people to represent them, and we, as a collective, have a real chance to continue to improve the lives of our community.

“While much has been achieved, there is still more to do, and prudent use of your money and a back to basics policy remains my promise.

“I am honoured to have the opportunity to lead the Council for another four years and thank everyone who voted”, Mayor Knight said.

A self-funded retiree with a background in business management, Mayor Knight has over 21 years' experience on Council and will continue as Mayor until 2022.

Mayor Knight will be joined by newly elected Councillors Jessica Lintvelt, Lyn Petrie, Brett Rankine, Olivia Savvas, Alicia Schlueter, and Rob Unger.

Robin Coleman, Peter Field, Lucas Jones JP, Bernie Keane, Sandy Keane, and Damian Wyld have all been elected for a further term on Council.

The Mayor has also thanked his outgoing Councillors and publicly acknowledged the contributions of everyone involved with the election.

“Thank you to everyone who participated in the election, including voters and candidates. A special thank you goes to the outgoing Elected Members who served our community during the past four years”, he said.

As a 37 year resident of the City of Tea Tree Gully, Mayor Knight encourages all residents to utilise the line of communication between Council and the community. 

The new Council representatives that have been elected are:

Mayor – Kevin Knight

Balmoral Ward – Cr Olivia Savvas, Cr Rob Unger

Drumminor Ward – Cr Damian Wyld, Cr Lyn Petrie

Hillcott Ward – Cr Sandy Keane, Cr Alicia Schlueter

Pedare Ward – Cr Brett Rankine, Cr Bernie Keane

Steventon Ward – Cr Lucas Jones, Cr Jessica Lintvelt

Water Gully Ward - Cr Peter Field, Cr Robin Coleman

For further contact details of our new Council, see our list of all Elected Members.

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