Published 21 March 2018

The City of Tea Tree Gully is pleased to announce its alliance with the Northern Economic Leaders (NEL) group as endorsed at the 13 March Council meeting.

This endorsement further highlights the strong focus on economic development within our City and aligns with the priorities outlined in our Economic Development Framework.

NEL is an apolitical business leaders’ network that supports social and economic growth in northern Adelaide. Their intent is to be a voice and advocate for businesses in the region.

They facilitate a business to business network where leaders can share their collective knowledge, influence Government policy and network and collaborate for mutual benefit.

By having a collective voice, local businesses are enabled to increase their engagement with Council and lobby Government bodies regarding key business opportunities and issues throughout the region.

Industry development is a key focus for NEL, particularly within five key sectors:

  • Health, aging and disability
  • Food, agriculture and beverage
  • Small Business
  • Innovation
  • Defence

If you are a local business who is interested in accessing the benefits of aligning with like-minded individuals, see the Northern Economic Leaders website for more information.