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Published 23 November 2020

About 2,400 street trees were planted across the City of Tea Tree Gully this year, taking the number of street trees Council maintains to more than 100,000. 

Council increased the planting of street trees this year to grow tree canopy cover, a recognised key measure in making communities resilient to climate change. Prior to this year, about 1,500 street trees were planted annually. 

“Canopy cover helps to reduce outdoor temperature to make cities more liveable, while reducing incidents such as heat-related stress," said city arborist Ben Seamark. 

“Its important to plant a variety of street trees to help create a diverse urban forest that is more resilient to pests and diseases, and climate change."

Species planted in the last 12 months include common species such as eucalyptus and myrtles, banksias, bottlebrush and jacarandas. Less common species planted include ginko and tristaniopsis.

You can assist Council by giving your street trees some extra water over summer. 

Report damage or maintenance requirements for street trees here. 

Why we and neighbouring councils are planting more trees

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