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Published 17 April 2019

Responsible dog owners should take the lead and head to Council’s dog obedience training on Wednesday nights at Ridgehaven’s Ashley Avenue Reserve.

The weekly classes are more than just teaching dogs to follow commands.Participants are learning to handle their dogs, play with their dogs and get tips on any issues that might come up,” said Ray.

Dogs, like children, need rules and boundaries, with Ray encouraging people to bring vaccinated dogs from 16 weeks of age to the classes.

Ray is also happy to work with dogs that have been traumatised and have developed behavioural issues as a result. He takes a gentle, consistent approach before gradually integrating them into classes with other dogs.

For more than 20 years, Ray has headed up Council’s dog obedience team of volunteer instructors, and he has been training people to train their dogs for about 30 years.

With this wealth of knowledge under his belt, Ray is able to offer sound advice on dog-related matters, from nuisance barking through to food safety.

The City of Tea Tree Gully has offered dog obedience training for over 30 years.

“My research tells me that we are the only council-funded dog obedience program in SA and most probably in Australia,” said Ray.

An added bonus of participating in dog obedience training is that owners receive a discount on dog registration fees after the dog graduates level 2.

Dog obedience classes are held from February to November every year, from 7pm.  The classes cost $40 per dog a year.



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