Published 28 March 2019

There’s an easy way you can help your community, environment and the economy. Simply lift the right lid when it comes to recycling.

Think of recyclables as resources, rather than rubbish and make sure it goes in your yellow bin.

Empty plastic containers, aluminium tins, glass bottles, cardboard and paper can be recycled to create new products. Recycling is a smart strategy because it reduces the need to source and process raw materials from the earth.

By recycling, you’re reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill - a high cost for Council due to the ever-rising Solid Waste Levy charged by the state government.

If enough people do the right thing and lift the right lid, cost savings can be diverted into valuable community resources, such as footpaths, roads and playgrounds.  

The more you use your yellow bin, the more help you are contributing to your community’s sustainability.