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Published 12 December 2018

An expanded range of community bus routes will continue to be available here in the City of Tea Tree Gully.  

The decision follows a trial of new community bus routes earlier this year, which saw the number of routes increased from three to eight in a bid to provide the service to more people across the City.   

A survey, carried out during the trial, showed that the average age of community bus passengers was 84, with the majority living in local retirement villages. They use the low-cost service to reach shopping centres and other destinations in the City.

One underutilised community bus route was cancelled during the trial, one will cease in the New Year, and others will be merged to cover the high use areas. Council staff members will help the small amount of impacted residents to access other transport options, such as those offered through Council’s Active Ageing Team.

The remaining five routes are well used and will continue as a door-to-door style service.

The community bus service has been running for the past 20 years, with the fleet of four Council-owned and operated community buses being driven by a group of dedicated volunteers.

Council does not receive external funding towards the purchase, maintenance and operating costs of this service.

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