Published 28 January 2021

We are monitoring Wynn Vale Dam water quality following reports yesterday of fish deaths there.

Council water resources specialist Jonathan Foong said the fish likely died due to changes in water quality, contributed by recent climatic conditions.

“Recent heavy rains, following weeks of largely dry weather, has resulted in a large inflow of stormwater into the dam, with more leaf debris that usual.

“Our tests show that this sudden unusual surge has resulted in poor water quality and fish health in a section of the dam. The water quality issue is localised to the western section of the dam only.”

Mr Foong said the situation should resolve itself in a few days, once leaf matters settles further and water oxygen levels increase to acceptable levels.   

In the meantime, Council staff are removing dead fish and will continue to monitor water quality.

The installation of more gross pollutant traps to reduce the amount of leaf matter that flows into the dam is also being considered.

It is not known how many fish have been affected, but we can confirm that carp, considered to be a significant pest in Australia, were impacted.

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