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Published 17 July 2018

The Golden Grove Recreation and Arts Centre is celebrating 25 years of providing fitness and entertainment services to all ages across the community this month.

The centre was originally built in 1993 as part of the Delfin development of Golden Grove.

In the 25 years since the centre opened its doors, it has had about 290,000 visitors each year participating in or attending sport and arts activities.

The centre has hosted countless events, including The Wiggles, Play School, comedy performances, a live cross on Australian Idol, national sports championships and weddings.

During the Sampson Flat bushfires in 2015, the site played a significant role as a major evacuation centre.

Over its 25-year history, there have been major upgrades occur throughout the three court and one performance stage site to ensure it continually meets the needs of our community.

The centre has a productive and ongoing relationship with the three adjoining high schools who use the site extensively during and outside school hours.

Today, the centre meets its goal of providing fitness opportunities to residents of all ages with Modfit classes, netball, basketball and volleyball games occurring across the week.

See how you can get involved here or call 8397 7429.

For those looking for entertainment, the centre hosts monthly matinee shows from February to December each year.  

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Join us to improve your fitness and mental health, and connect to your community while having some fun!

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