Published 25 September 2019

Our street sweepers don’t just keep streets looking clean and tidy, they also play an increasingly important environmental role.

Not only do they help prevent debris from entering storm water and waterways, waste collected by street sweepers is being processed into nutrient-rich soil conditioners that can be used on local parks and reserves, says Jonathan Foong, Water Resources Specialist, City of Tea Tree Gully.

“Our street sweepers have to maintain about 1,150 km of kerbs and gutters across the City of Tea Tree Gully which includes about 2,800 tonnes of green waste, such as grass and leaves that wash into gutters.”

Only about 10% of the street sweepings, such as broken glass and other rubbish that cannot be readily recycled, now goes to landfill. This represents a $100,000 annual saving in waste-to-landfill costs in 2019-2020.

Tea Tree Gully Council began recycling storm street sweepings about 18 months ago.

Street sweeper drivers follow a set schedule. Learn when the street sweeper will be in your street or request a street sweeper.


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